A coaching institute stands on four major pillars i.e infrastructure, faculty, content and marketing. Out of these four pillars, we provide you with the third pillar, that is content, not just content, great content. We provide study material, magazines, online test series, everything that is required for competitive exam preparation. We provide digitalized platforms as well, like Educational mobile app and CareerLift E-Learno Platform that are equipped with online test series, career options, daily news and current affairs and knowledge zone. We strongly believe "You become what you feed your brain", so we realize the importance of content and how useful it is for the enrichment of our young minds. We have a team of well read, well educated team of content writers and developers who keep themselves updated with the latest patterns of exams. Our digital content you could easily access, Our publications would be your source of knowledge.

  • Education segment (Formal & Informal Education) in India is producing low percentage of high aptitude students.

  • Informal education segment lacks quality education content and trained staff.

  • Students preparing for competitive exams, be it for a government Job or further education, search for quality educational content in the form of Printed Material, Web and Mobile App.

  • Coaching institutions invest huge amount of money but still fail to match the expectations of students.

  • Majority of coaching institutes lack a technology foot print to promote online learning and assessment.


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Practice Mock Tests

Test your competitive ability solving our mock tests that are based on the latest exam patterns.

Improve Your Accuracy

Practice yourself to perfection, be ahead of your peers.

Learn Time Management

Learn to utilize the most valuable asset you have – Time , Practice Hard.

Detailed Data Analytics

Identify your strong and weak points, get to know yourself where you stand.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress following your previous test results, analyze your pros and cons.


Detailed Analytics

Identify your strengths and weaknessess with detailed analytics

Exam Test Series

Test your competitive levels attempting our online test series available for all exams.

Learn English

Learn Grammar step-by-step, get new words to enrich your vocab and stories to widen your horizon.

Daily Current Affairs

Get yourself updated with daily current affairs(National & International) to strengthen your General Awarness.

Educational Discussions

Get connected with different users of the app, discuss your doubts, your academic problems, share solutions, ask questions, give answers.


Great Content

The better the content, the better the chances of your students faring well.

Source of Knowledge

Our books are a great source of knowledge, give your students the source and enlighten them.

Test Series

We provide you with complete branding features on the test paper to be distributed among the students to improve your brand presence at low cost.

Career Booster

Let your students explore the opportunities that they can pursue, let them discover their own path.


  • Get Your Own Website

    Get your website made as per your needs and basic requirements.

  • Get Your Own Test Platform

    Integrate the test platform to your website developed by us.

  • Brand Yourself

    Make your own brand, the website will have the name of your institute, your own logo.

  • Cost Effective

    The website will not weigh heavy on your pockets and it would be an asset for your students.


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